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 Snapshot of Health Disparities in 29203

       Approximately 45,605 people

       83.8% African American

       14.1% White

       0.1% Other

       30% of residents are uninsured

       50% of residents have Medicaid/Medicare

       20% of residents have private insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

       30.3% living in poverty: One in three residents live in poverty, twice the poverty rate of SC

       One of the highest amputation rates due to diabetes in the US

       57.1% considered low income

       More that 60% of the population is overweight

       11% 65 + yrs

       Per capital income is almost ½ of Richland Co & 70% of SC

      2010 Inpatient & Emergency Room expenditure: $254 million Total, ER $54 million

      Equals an average of $7,358 per person

      Top Five Non-Emergency ER visits 2010

  §  Pediatric ENT

     ​§  Adult ENT

     §  Asthma

     §  Kidney

      §  Adult Dental

Support Healthy Columbia

End of the Month Grocery Give Away 

Support Healthy Columbia

We Need YOUR Support!
Pop-up Grocery Giveaway

This Thursday (January 16, 2020) we will be hosting a pop-up GROCERY GIVEAWAY!

The end of the month can be a hard time to make sure there is food on the table.
Sometimes, we just need to #FeedPeople!

Please help us raise $300.00 in 48 Hours!!!

Any donation, big or small, will help to ensure food for all!
We will be giving away as many groceries as we can with the money raised through your generous donation. Your support is always needed and always appreciated. This event is organized through KU students with KU Alternative Breaks. We will be here in Columbia for the week learning with Healthy Columbia and doing what we can to serve. 

Support our Work by making your Donation through PayPal or Venmo.


VENMO   @HealthyColumbia

The Community Takes A Stand For Health
The Community Takes A Stand For Health
Throughout the United States communities have struggled with escalating medical costs, lack of health care access, and a rise in preventable illnesses. A community in Columbia, South Carolina has the highest rate of diabetes-related amputations in the country. In response to this urgent problem, Healthy Columbia is rising up together using a tool that has never been used in this context— community organizing.


Current Projects
Healthy Columbia has a Vision to Transform Health in Richland County!                                    
An Internship with Healthy Columbia will help you learn, grow, connect and contribute.  
Please email me for a time to chat.
Internships are fairly flexible. They can be from 8-20 hours per week.  You tell me how much you can commit. Here are the possible areas of focus.  If you would like to explore the possibilities, please email me with several times you are available for an interview.
Not quite ready for an Internship? Join a Team.  
There are a number of teams working on Healthy Columbia projects. You can contribute by supporting a team. 
Healthy Richland

 Healthy Columbia will open a Community-Centered Healthy Home Hybrid Clinic in 2015.
Duties:  Assist with small group meetings, assist in gathering surveys and entering data. Attend meetings with other members of the team and interested partners. You will have the opportunity to work with grasstops and grassroots. 
There are many teams working on different pieces of the clinic.  Let's determine your interest and skills, and find the best match!
Volunteer Community Health Advocate Training Development

Focus: Developing leadership in undeserved communities
Duties: Continue work on a more standardized training for Healthy Columbia volunteer leaders, partner with community members to present training and develop evaluation tool.  You will have the opportunity to work with grasstops and grassroots. 
Healthy Happy Meals
Focus:  Development of a community-centered health education workshop which focuses on teaching partners how to plan and cook healthy meals, involve their children in meal prep, develop fun and meaningful conversations at mealtime and integrate partnering skills.
Duties:  Supportig the HHM team and maybe assisting in seeking funding. 
Focus:  Getting fresh produce to neighborhoods which are at least a mile from a grocery story or have a high population of elderly or handicapped, or have a high population of with limited transportation.
Duties:  Supporting the Fresh2U Team. Assimilating the work which has already begun and assisting in seeking funding to begin piloting.  Logistics coordination for Food Truck Leadership Team, events, data entry, calendar update and recipe distribution. 
Health Screening Process Specialist
With every screening, we learn and grow.  This internship will have the opportunity to study and improve our process based on our weekly debriefs.  You will help us improve our orientation process and data collection.  
Duties:  We would be expected to attend several screeing events, gather and input data, and develop protocols and processes.
New Media
Focus:  Information dissemination!
Duties:  Folks, I NEED Help!!! Facebook, Twitter, website, emails.  Photos. News articles.  

Deliverable: DAILY! 

Step Forward Columbia:

If you're interested in getting healthy and getting involved, click here for information about Step Forward Columbia, a walking program.  

Check out our first graduates of the program: